Why You Need a Living Handbook

What is a "living" handbook? At Carolina Professional Consultants, we're passionate about people risk management and we believe the essential artifact for managing people risks is your employee handbook. A living handbook will communicate descriptions of culture, standards of behavior and compliance essentials to every employee. A living handbook will also tell you when legislative changes make updates necessary, so you can proactively mitigate risks in your workplace.

Why are handbooks so important for compliance?

Handbooks are critical for compliance because by documenting policies, they reduce the risk of liability from employee lawsuits. Policies that address areas of increased exposure include: - Leaves of Absence - Anti-Harassment & Workplace Bullying - Safety Procedures - Employee Separation/Termination - Discrimination - Employee Behavior & Expectations

What makes Carolina Professional Consultants' handbook so unique? - It's customized for the states in which you do business and the employee counts in each state. - You are notified when regulations that affect policies in the handbook change so you can update it with the click of the button. - You can include multiple states in one handbook. - There is an easy one-click Spanish translation option. - An e-signature feature is available to help you collect and track receipt. - We can build it for you with a full-service option where Carolina Professional Consultants writes, monitors and maintains the handbook year-round.

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