About Carolina Professional Consultants

For over 50 years, Carolina Professional Consultants has been specializing in the healthcare industry. Our consultants have the knowledge and experience in understanding the unique challenges in healthcare today. We have earned a reputation for identifying problems, creating solutions and providing opportunities for our clients.

Our consultants are members of the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants (NSCHBC) and are experienced in enhancing our clients’ revenue, analyzing the latest information and technology tools revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

Carolina Professional Consultants is an SIA Group company, giving us the ability to offer a full platform of healthcare consulting services including:

  • Compliance

  • Human Resources

  • Practice Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Tax and Financial

Recently, Carolina Professional Consultants added a new partner in Stilwell & Mills, PLLC. With this relationship, our business tax knowledge, expertise, and overall client experience is elevated with the backing of four CPAs on staff.

Carolina Professional Consultants partners with our clients to save time and money in the management of their medical practices so they can focus on what they do best: