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Healthcare Consultants
  • We save you time and money in the management of your healthcare practice.
  • Access to Certified Healthcare Consultants for your business and personal needs.
  • Our Consultants allow you to focus on providing quality healthcare.

Carolina Professional Consultants works with healthcare practices including dentists and physicians. Our consultants provide proven systems that increase revenue, regulate compliance and analyze the latest industry trends.

News & Insights

It’s New Day for Tax Planning

Help Your Employees Avoid Tax Time Surprises

Employers, have you reminded your employees to check that they are having the right amount of tax withheld from their paychecks? It's a good idea for everyone to check their payroll withholding every year, but it is particularly important this year due to the big changes Congress made to the federal tax rules for 2018.

Why You Need a Living Handbook

At Carolina Professional Consultants, we're passionate about people risk management and we believe the essential artifact for managing people risks is your employee handbook. A living handbook will communicate descriptions of culture, standards of behavior and compliance essentials to every employee. A living handbook will also tell you when legislative changes make updates necessary, so you can proactively mitigate risks in your workplace.

Of Special Interest

Click here for IRS Resources for Tax Law Changes.

Click here for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and the MIPS Payment Model.

Remember to visit the IRS website for more information about major tax changes as it becomes readily available.

Patient Coverage

To verify a patient’s coverage under the Federal Healthcare Exchange, call their plan’s customer service line. Click here for a list of all plans and their phone numbers. For a fact sheet on using the Exchange site, click here.